VIMTOX full effect V Line Lifting Mist
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VIMTOX full effect V Line Lifting Mist

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VIMTOX full-effect V Line Lifting Mist( portable) is convenient for you to put it in your handbag/pocket, and you can keep the V-face anytime, anywhere .


VIMTOX full-effectV Line Lifting Mist is the latest release of the second-generation enhanced version of full-effect anti-aging, lifting and firming technology products by American AMERICAN VIVATECH R&D Center.

With a variety of trace elements and pure natural deep-sea substance essence, through the principle of quantum mechanics and nano-micro mist mixing technology, it can easily enter the cell tissue, and it can strengthen the replacement, repair, activate and rejuvenate the cell vitality, rebuild the skin resistance, and quickly and effectively resist from the root. senescence.

Rejuvenate energy, lift up to full effect, and the effect is outstanding:
•Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet and diminishes spots • Shapes the V-face contour, the skin is plump and plump, glowing with youthful radiance • The complexion is even and clear, white and translucent • Gives the skin the energy to effectively resist aging and environmental aggressions,
Improve sensitive skin•Better make-up effect after use

VIMTOX V Line Lifting Mist innovatively extracts Hawaiian deep-sea rock crystal essence, which contains various minerals and trace elements required to promote cell health. It is 100% natural and is a perfect combination of natural purity and modern technology.